REliability based Mechanical SYStem design Lab

Our research group, with expertise in the area of computational fracture mechanics and mechanics of materials based on continuum- and micro-mechanics, aims at developing enhanced solutions for structural integrity and reliability assessments of mechanical components (in particular, nuclear, gas, energy and petrochemical). Our primary research interests include reliability based mechanical system design, structural integrity assessment and materials characterization based on computational mechanics of materials (short-term and high temperature fracture, micromechanical damage mechanics, fatigue, probabilistic fracture mechanics and material constitutive modeling) as well as application of finite element analyses for computational study on mechanical behaviors of macro/micro devices. We also try to develop IT-based design and evaluation system based on 3-D digital prototype concept.


  • Opening for a graduate or undergraduate student

    We are seeking a graduate student (MS and PhD) or undergraduate student interested in the structural integrity assessment and computational study on mechanical behaviors of mechanical components based on computational/experimental mechanics of materials.